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Writing Tutor Services

Jared Kallen’s goal for young writers is to teach them to say what they mean, and mean what they say.
Successful critical writing is all about the essay prompt. Far too often, students expound on ideas that have little relevance to the prompt provided by the teacher. Jared guides students to carefully review essay prompts—and then address them clearly and directly.

Most thesis statements miss the mark. Young writers frequently state what they will prove but now how. Or, they do the opposite. As an Educational Coach and writing tutor, Jared helps students dissect and distill writing prompts so they can produce their very best work.

Finally, the selection of relevant facts that support the thesis is the difference between an average and an excellent essay. Jared helps writers pinpoint the most relevant textual evidence. When students are taught how to understand and gather the very best supporting evidence, they set themselves up for success.

student working with tutor on writing
Knowledge is Power

Jared provides students with

  • A proven system that enables students to write clear and coherent language

  • A technique that leads to effective and ambitious thesis statements

  • The ability to identify the most relevant textual evidence

  • Tips and practice for creating effective transitions that help the writing flow.


Jared has been a wonderful and eye-opening academic coach for our son, who is quite bright but whose learning style does not fit the traditional “academic lecture and take notes instruction” systems. We listen in the background as Jared engages with him one-on-one to explore the subject matter—and how to approach it—and are amazed at how our son welcomes the struggle that Jared presents to him so that he can grasp the material and make it his own.  It turns out our son is a serious and thoughtful student, and we just needed to observe him work and interact with Jared to see it. Our son has thoroughly adopted Jared’s writing system and it has paid off in huge dividends. We feel this occurred because Jared is excellent at modeling what he wants to see. We have given our son the option of ending the work, and he said no.  His reply, “The work has helped me get inside the materials, make it my own and go someplace with it. Let's keep going.”  That is about as strong a recommendation as we can give.

- Tom Hebert,
Principal with The Bayard Group 

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