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Jared Kallen earned his undergraduate degree from Amherst College and his graduate degree in Secondary Education from the University of Pennsylvania. He also did significant work at Harvard and Columbia Universities to expand his knowledge and content base. Throughout his extensive education, he has taken numerous courses in English, History, Political science, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology and Philosophy.

As a student, Jared delved deeply into the humanities disciplines. As an educational coach, his goal is to inspire and enable students to move beyond the surface level to grasp and communicate complex concepts.

Jared believes students experience the “ah hah” moment when they endeavor to connect concepts, symbols, motifs and themes and discover how these operate together to make a piece of literature richer. In History, students must link cause and effect and connect past events to present-day events. Delving deeply into the materials makes students of interest to teachers and places them in the position for greater academic success. 

stack of books, figuring, and plant

Jared helps students to:


  • Break down complex concepts into comprehensible ideas that students can relate to, comprehend

  • Comprehend main concepts, themes, metaphors, motifs, symbols, images, and theories

  • Delve deeper and connect details and specifics to the various literary devices.


Jared Kallen; a scarily intelligent educator with an inhuman dedication to his work, is one of the few coaches I can confidently call my friend. He gets to know his students, not because it benefits his work, but because he genuinely cares. I had trouble motivating myself to get any work done until I had the pleasure of meeting Jared. Single-handedly he filled me with enthusiasm and hope through pep talks, videos, text messages, and boisterous cheers. He ignited previously untapped energy that pushed me to new heights, infinitely improving my learning and comprehension of all my Humanities classes. I saw instantaneous results in my writing and test-taking skills thanks to his past experience as a teacher. Even if I hit a random rough spot throughout the school year, Jared was always one text message away from immediate reassurance, guidance, and execution. He would even review papers to help make insightful suggestions that dramatically improved my understanding of a plethora of topics. He is so versatile that he has been invaluable in helping me reach my maximum potential and has beyond exceeded expectations. If you're looking for a literal guardian angel, look no further than Jared Kallen. 

-Rohil Raofield
Walt Whitman High School student

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