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I am quite familiar with Jared’s work and follow-through—his never-say-die attitude and approach, his creativity—and it is impressive, notable, and refreshing. Importantly, he does not shrink from challenges; rather, he embraces them! For over 30 years now, Jared has been studying human behavior—what makes people really tick—and he has armed himself with techniques and tools to “reach” just about anyone. He is unafraid to share his experiences and challenges with his clients, which makes them want it more. It could be a 25-year-old young man who cannot seem to graduate from college. It could be a 23-year-old woman who cannot seem to keep a job. It could be an 11th grader who has no confidence in her writing ability and sees no future for herself. It could be a 17-year-old young man who is suffering from untreated addiction AND who was just diagnosed with ADHD. It could be an 8th grader who does not know how to read critically or has no understanding of proper grammar—and who refuses to brush his teeth. The point is: it really does not matter. He provides massive support and precise academic coaching—and organization techniques—but with a very rare and intuitive energy. Rapport is King. I therefore offer my highest recommendation for all of Jared’s services and, in my extensive experience in this same field, have not encountered ANYONE like Jared.

-Stephanie Knapp, CP
Owner and Principal Advocate, Advocates In Education, LLC

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