(English, History, Political Science, 

Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy)

Goal: Go beyond surface level and understand complex concepts

  • Breaking down complex concepts into digestible chunks that students can relate to, comprehend, and retain

  • Enabling students to capture main concepts, themes, metaphors, motifs, symbols, images, and theories

  • Encouraging students to delve deeper and connect details and specifics to the various literary devices

Writing Critically


Analyzing the essay/ test prompt and brainstorming about effective and entertaining ways to attack it

Goal: “Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say!”

  • Providing a proven system that enables a student to write clear and coherent body paragraphs

  • Delivering a technique that leads to effective yet ambitious thesis statements

  • Learning to pinpoint the most relevant textual evidence

  • Practicing making effective transitions that allow for the writing to flow

Executive Functioning 


“Where did I put that essay assignment?”

Goals: Improve “process skills” and boost output

  • Kill procrastination by holding student accountable by being in frequent contact

  • Co-develop a planning system that allows for student buy-in (the student has a plan for each day)

  • Learning to prioritize and plan ahead

  • Exploring how to self-advocate best – and practicing it

  • Cultivating and reinforcing effective note-taking habits by abbreviating