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Students who have challenges with executive functioning find it difficult to succeed in the classroom for multiple reasons.

"Let's take care of tomorrow's problems today!"

Examples of difficulty with executive function include:

  • Student forgets to record homework assignments, and thus is frequently unaware when an assignment is due

  • Remembers the homework assignment, but can’t find the materials to do the work

  • Struggles with starting and completing tasks

  • Has challenges with time management, and spends too long on assignments

  • Completes assignments, but forgets to turn them in

  • Has difficulty breaking large assignments into smaller tasks.

young boy frustrated with homework

As an Educational Coach and an expert on learning differences, Jared Kallen helps students to improve their process skills and increase their output. These are strategies and skills that will serve young people for their entire lives.


Jared helps students to:

  • Eliminate procrastination by holding them accountable and being in frequent contact

  • Co-develop a planning system that emphasizes student buy-in

  • Learn to prioritize and plan ahead

  • Explore and practice effective self-advocacy

  • Cultivate effective note-taking habits.


Jared Kallen has been working with our child, who has a number of challenges, for several months—and and it has made a substantial difference. He understands the multi-layered complexity of “learning differences” and he is highly adept at developing tools to support our child because he understands the issues at play, and how to address them. Jared is NOT just a tutor or a “Study Skills Coach.” He knows, intuitively, what is the most important thing to focus on at any given time—writing skills or executive function skills—or having our son set his alarm clock—and moves forward as necessary. He makes it his mission to establish systems that address EVERY aspect of his students’ lives.

-Arabella Crawford
Senior Service Designer on the Strategic Design Team for CMS' Medicare Payment Systems

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